The Election Committee has issued the following clarification regarding the Blue Voice Ticket: Election Violation Clarified

This message will serve as clarification regarding the recent posting of a violation by the Blue Voice ticket. To clarify the violation, all campaign literature must be approved by the Election Committee before mailing. The Blue Voice ticket submitted a piece of campaign literature that was approved by the Election Committee. There were then changes made to that approved mailer, and it was sent to all members. Those changes were not seen or approved by the committee.

Although it is a violation of the rules, no discipline was taken. The election will go forward as planned. All members of the Blue Voice ticket will be on the ballot and all cast votes will be valid.

This information was provided as a matter of record. It is the intention of the Election Committee to keep the membership informed of all of our findings in order to maintain a fair and honest election for all.

The Election Committee
Frank Balestri, Chairman
Michael Carroll
Michael Cosentino
Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7