Patrick J. Murray – First Vice President

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Martin Preib – Second Vice President

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Daniel D. Gorman – Third Vice President

Before joining the Chicago Police Department, Dan studied Publishing and Communications at the American Academy of Art and Triton College. In 1992, he enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves and received an Honorable Discharge in 2000.

He joined the Chicago Police Department in November 1996 and was assigned to the 12th District and later was transferred to the 011th District. While working in 011, he was awarded the Award of Valor and the State of Illinois Medal of Honor.
In 2003, Danny was promoted to Detective and assigned to Area One where he has been assigned to Violent Crimes on the third watch.

Danny became the elected 3rd Vice President in 2011 and became elected again in 2014.


Greg Bella – Recording Secretary

In Greg’s 27 years with the Department, He worked the 014th District in patrol and on the tactical team. In 1991 he transferred to the 025th District, where he worked midnights on the wagon and served as the Watch Representative for FOP. He was promoted to Detective in September 2000 and he worked homicide in Area Five on the midnight watch.

In 2002 Greg was elected 3rd Vice President with the FOP. He served three terms as Legal Defense Chairman. During his tenure as Legal Defense Chairman the Lodge made great strides in the area of discipline. Through negotiations, we gained the DSPs, the Superintendent’s review, the Police Board review and the Grievance procedure. Through legislation we obtained the C.R. by affidavit then got that right guaranteed in the contract. Greg helped negotiate the 55 to Medicare free health insurance for retirees.

Greg went back to Area Five and again worked homicide until Area Five was disbanded.  He voluntarily went to the new Area Central, the old Area One where he worked until he retired in 2012. He was asked to run again for office with the FOP and was fortunate enough to be elected Recording Secretary. Greg is currently working in the office helping the team transition at no cost to the members.

Michael Garza – Financial Secretary

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John Capparelli – Treasurer

John became a member of the Chicago Police Department in 1987. He is serving the membership as a Field Representative in the Office of the FOP. His previous assignments include 606, 009, 156, 610, and 018. He was Financial Secretary for the FOP for 3 years, and is the current Treasurer FOP and has maintained this office for 14 years.


Angelo Sr.JPG

Dean C. Angelo, Sr. – President

In 1980 Dean C. Angelo, Sr. started his CPD Patrol Career by completing his Probationary Period in the 016th District, after which he was assigned to the 020th District. For the next 13 years Dean worked out of Belmont and Western as an Enforcement Officer in the Gang Crimes North Unit. In his 17th year, he was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Bomb & Arson Section as an Arson Investigator.

Throughout his career, Dean has served the FOP as a Watch Rep, a Unit Rep and was twice elected as Trustee. Dean was elected as Trustee Chairman by his fellow Trustees and worked as a full-time Field Representative in the days when the Union worked non-stop to represent each and every officer in ways that took time, careful preparation and skillful defense. As Lodge 7 President, he revived a sense of professionalism as commonplace and regular practice of the Lodge.

Dean was forced off the job after 25 years of service when the then Medical Administrator combined several IOD reports into a single re-occurrence, placing him several months over his one year limit; thus ending his active duty. After a career he relished and enjoyed, Dean turned towards academia, earning a doctorate at Loyola University, Chicago and for over 20 years he assisted over 2,000 Officers in securing college degrees.

Dean C. Angelo, Sr. is the son of Retired Detective Patrick Angelo, who served the CPD for more than 39 years. His son, Dean Angelo, Jr. (twice elected Lodge 7 Trustee) currently works in the 014th District and his Daughter, Amanda Angelo is a Recruit in the Education and Training Academy. Dean Angelo, Jr. proudly wears the same Detective star number that his father and grandfather wore before him and Amanda wears the same Police Officer star as her Grandfather, Father and Brother before her wore.…the tradition and the commitment continues.

Dean served as President of the FOP, Chicago Lodge 7 from 2014 - 2017








Bill Burns

Bill Burns, retired CPD and also the son of a retired Chicago Police Officer.  Bill served 25 years, is retired from the 018 District and also worked in 14, 15, COS police officer dispatcher and F.T.O.

Bill has served four terms as Sergeant-at-Arms for the F.OP.  Bill is currently on the Pension, Newsletter, Mental Health, and Constitution and By-Law committees.  Bill has previously served on the Grievance, Retiree, and two Contract Negotiating Teams.  Bill is also currently a Trustee with the Retired Chicago Police Association. 

Bill has five college degrees; is an Illinois certified teacher, and has completed 4 ½ years of Doctoral work in education at Loyola University.  Bill is a candidate for Deacon in his third year of studies in the Permanent Diaconate program for the Archdiocese of Chicago. 

Bill teaches Confirmation catechism at St. Viator Church, is a fourth degree Knight of Columbus and Trustee for St. Michael’s Council.  Bill is Trustee for St. Patrick High School Alumni Board.  Bill and his lovely wife Paula have five rescue dogs. 


Al Francis, Jr.

Al Francis, Jr. is the proud son of Patrolman Al Francis, Sr. who served the Chicago Police Department for 34 years. Al, Jr. grew up in Garfield Ridge and attended St. Lawrence High School, and as most officers would agree, being raised in a ‘police family’ was a great experience.

Before his work as a Police Officer, Al, Jr. served our country as a member of the United States Navy as a 3rd Class Petty Officer. His Naval assignments included Great Lakes, Pearl Harbor and NAS Lemoore. Once his nine years of Military service ended, Al, Jr. worked for three years as a Correctional Officer in the California State Substance Abuse and Treatment Facility at Corcoran. After completing his Chicago Police Academy Training in 2000, Al, Jr. was assigned to the 7th District. He was also assigned to the Tactical Response Unit and is currently working in the Traffic Section Unit. Al, Jr. has the honor to be able to ‘ride’ the Department’s Solos during special events, such as Police Officer Funerals, dignitary escorts, parades and various other events. Al, Jr. also rides his own Harley Davidson as a member of the Wild Pigs Motorcycle Club. As a member of the Wild Pig Cycle Club, Al, Jr. enjoys a regular schedule of taking part in many charitable motorcycle runs during the riding season.

Even before he became a member of the Chicago Police Department, Al, Jr. was involved with the FOP through his father’s very active membership. Al, Sr. was a multi-elected board member, a watch and unit rep. Al, Jr. followed his father’s FOP footsteps and became a watch rep in the 7th District, a Unit Rep in TRU and is the current Unit Rep in the Traffic Division (Unit 145). Al, Jr. has the utmost respect for Fraternal Order of Police as an organization, the Lodge’s Mission and especially the Members. Al, Jr. looks forward to serving the Membership as a member of the Angelo Team in 2014.



Robert Rutherford, Chairman

Rob Rutherford became a Chicago Police Officer on February 11, 1980. Rob was assigned to the 23rd District, until he transferred to the 25th District. Rob then went to Gang Crimes North, where he worked until February 1992 when he was promoted to Detective. As a Detective, Rob was assigned to the Old Area 3 Burglary until it closed in late 1992 and then transferred to Area 5 Violent crimes where he worked burglaries, robberies, and homicide.

In 2012, Rob went to Area Central when Area 5 closed. He retired in March of 2012 and has stayed active in the Fraternal Order of Police. Rob has served the members of FOP as a Watch Rep, a Unit Rep, and as a Trustee, from 2002 until 2011.

In addition to belonging to the FOP, Rob is a member of the Emerald Society of Illinois; the Ancient Order of Hibernians (the oldest and largest Irish Catholic organization in the United States); and the Knights of Columbus-Father Ryan Council. Rob grew up on the west side where he attended St Angela Grade School, St. Patrick High School, and the University of Illinois-Circle. Rob is married and lives in the Portage Park area. He has four children.


Dean Angelo, Jr.

Dean Angelo, Jr., is a third generation Chicago Police Officer who proudly wears the star number of his father (Dean, Sr.) and his grandfather (Patrick Angelo) before him. Dean joined the Department in 2006 and got assigned to midnights in the 014th District, where he is still assigned. Dean was also detailed to the Area 5 Robbery, Burglary and Theft Team, where he learned a great deal from the Detectives with whom he worked.

Dean grew up on the northwest side of Chicago and attended St. Patrick High School, graduating in 2001. Dean went on to pursue his undergraduate studies at Loyola University Chicago and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology and will soon be applying to the University of Chicago to work on a graduate degree.

Shortly after leaving the Academy, Dean became active in the FOP. His regular attendance to the FOP meetings sparked a greater interest in getting more involved with the Union. As a result, Dean ran for and was elected as a Trustee in 2011; becoming the youngest (at 27) and least senior (less than five years) member ever elected to the Chicago, FOP Board of Directors. He strongly encourages all younger officers to get more involved with the Lodge as he did. Dean presently serves as a Trustee and sits on the Grievance and Legal Defense Committees.


Mark Donahue

Mark Donahue has been a Chicago Police Officer since 1977. For twenty years he served as a patrolman and a Field Training Officer on the City’s south side. In 1996 he was promoted to Youth Officer and subsequently became a Detective.
A graduate of St. Laurence High School, Moraine Valley Community College, Mark earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Xavier University in 1985.

For many years Mark has been an active member of the Fraternal Order of Police serving the members in a host of capacities. He has represented his colleagues on the City, State and National levels. In 1996 Donahue began his full-time work for the FOP when he was elected Financial Secretary of Chicago, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #7, and has served on the Board of Trustees of both the Chicago Lodge and the Illinois State Fraternal Order of Police.

Mark was recruited to serve the National Board of Trustee’s as Grievance Chairman and continues to share his leadership skills on the national level. Mark served as president of the Illinois State Lodge from 1998 until July of 2002. In April of 2002, Donahue was elected President of Chicago Lodge #7 and served in this capacity for three terms. Mark retired from CPD in November of 2010.


Pat Duckhorn

In June 1973, the day after receiving his Bachelors of Art from Loyola University, Pat Duckhorn joined the Chicago Police Department. He was initially assigned to the 18th District, but eventually moved to the SOG-North and then to the 19th District, where Pat remained until his retirement after 32 years of police service.

Pat has a long history of serving the FOP both at the local and state levels. Since 1981, he served as an elected Unit Representative or Trustee. As a Unit Representative, his fellow Delegates honored him multiple times by electing him as the State Trustee for District One. Pat also served as 1st Vice President for the State Lodge, where he helped place more Chicago Police Officers to serve on various state committees.

Pat and his wife, Charlotte, have lived and raised three children on the north side of Chicago. Pat is proud that his son, Nicholas, is the fourth generation of Duckhorns to honorably serve the Chicago Police Department, joining his grandfather, uncles, two brothers and numerous cousins and nephews. Pat considers all Lodge 7 members, both active and retired, to be a part of his extended family.


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Kathleen Gahagan

Before joining the Chicago Police Department, Kathleen worked as a Compliance Officer for the Federal Occupational Safety & Health Authority (OSHA) as an investigator whose responsibilities included job-site fatalities. She was an elected Federal Union Steward and served in this position for two years, representing the American Federation of Government Employees. In this position, Kathleen was responsible for, and regularly assisted, her fellow employees in Arbitration Hearings.

Kathleen Gahagan joined the Chicago Police Department in 1983. After completing her Academy training, she worked as a Patrol Officer in the 4th District. After bidding to the 21st District, she spent three years as a Chemical Analyst in the CPD Crime Lab. She became an Evidence Technician in 1990, assigned to the 1st Watch E/T in the 20th District.

She later became an FOP Watch Representative and then a Unit Representative in the 20th District. After successfully bidding into the 4th District, she continued to serve the FOP as the Watch Representative. Her specialty was assisting fellow Officers with CR allegations.

In May 1999, Kathleen took the Forensic Investigator exam and was promoted to the position in June of 1999. Shortly thereafter, she became the FOP Watch Representative in Unit 177 and eventually the FOP Unit Representative. She continued to assist Police Officers with their contractual and disciplinary issues throughout the remaining years of her career, which ended with her mandatory retirement in 2013.

Kathleen Gahagan is honored to have the chance to remain an active supporter of the FOP and Police Officers.


Michael Garza

Officer Michael Garza is a 21-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department.  Officer Garza has served the members of the FOP as a Watch Representative and later as a Unit Representative of the 004th District for 15 years.

Since joining Lodge 7, he has served on the Legal Defense Committee, Uniform and Equipment Committee, By-Laws Committee and Chairman of the Awards Committee.  Officer Garza also has served on the Contract Negotiation Team for the previous two contracts.

Officer Garza is a Patrolman that has earned numerous awards including the Superintendent’s Award of Valor.  He is proud to continue his service to the Members of the FOP, Chicago Lodge 7.


Joseph Gentile

Joseph Gentile, Jr. is 52-years-old, is married to his life partner Karen, and together they raise six children. Joseph has worked in law enforcement for more than 30 years, 25 of which were with the Chicago Police Department. He is currently assigned to Area South/620 as a Detective. Prior to the consolidation of the detective division in 2012, Joseph was a detective in Area 4/640.

Before being promoted to detective in 1998, Joseph was a police officer. He worked in the 13th District, the 18th District, Gang Crime North and completed his recruit training in the 14th District in 1989. Prior to becoming a Chicago Police Officer, he was a Deputy Sheriff for the Lake County Sheriff’s Police Department. Joseph also served six years in the Army Reserves.

Joseph’s experience with unions started early in his life. Many of his family members also belonged to unions — including teamsters, carpenters, sheet metal workers and pipe fitters. Joseph has proudly and diligently served as Unit Representative for the last five years and a Watch Representative for three years before his current appointment. Joseph has experienced witnessed the stress and anxiety police officers face on a daily basis first-hand. Joseph’s diverse experience and knowledge of the Lodge’s operations makes him a qualified candidate for Trustee of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7.


Ken Hauser

Ken Hauser is a Retired Chicago Police Detective of 37 years.  He retired from the Major Accident Investigation Unit.  He is a Trustee of the Fraternal Order of Police and has been elected to numerous terms as Trustee of the State and City Lodges.  Hauser was also on the team that negotiated the first four contracts for Chicago Police Officers in the 1980s.

Ken serves as an elected Trustee on the Board of the Chicago Patrolman’s Federal Credit Union and is the President of the Chicago Police Pension Fund, having been first elected as a Trustee in 1993.  He was also elected President of the Retired Chicago Police Association and is a member of numerous other Police Organizations.

Ken is a former member of the Advisory Board of the Dow Jones Indexes.  He is a member of the NCPERS Executive Board, where he Chairs the Investment Committee and is a member of the Healthcare & Marketing and Membership committees.

Ken is happy and proud to be back at the FOP, serving the Board in the capacity of Trustee.


Tom Lonergan

Tom Lonergan is a second generation police officer, long time Unit Representative, and a 30-year veteran of the Department. Tom is also the Chicago Representative on the Illinois State Lodge.    Additionally Tom is a Trustee with the Retired Chicago Police Association.  Tom is chairman of the Pension Committee, Co-Chair of the Retiree Committee, and a member of the Legislative, Political Action, and Audit Committees.  Tom is also a sitting member of the Illinois State Lodge’s Legislative Committee.  He has worked in the 22nd District, the Training Academy, the 9th District, the 21st District, the Court Section and the 8th District.

Tom has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and Advanced Certificate in Accounting. Tom is a member of St. Michael’s Knights of Columbus, the Emerald Society, the Polish American Police Association, and the Retired Chicago Police Association.   Tom has professional licenses as a Private Pilot and Illinois Real Estate Sales Person.



Kevin McNulty

Kevin McNulty is a thirty-five year veteran Police Officer.  He began his Chicago tour of duty in January of 1980, being assigned to the 14th District.  Kevin later transferred to the 18th District in 1988, and has been in patrol for his entire career.

Kevin served the 18th District membership, being elected Watch Representative then later served as Unit Representative in the 18th District.

Kevin earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Dominican University.  He is married and has two children.  Officer McNulty very recently retired from CPD.


Landry Reeves






Inez Riley

Officer Inez Riley earned her under graduate Degree in Social Service at Roosevelt University in 1985. Soon after graduating, she landed her first job in the Mental Health Field as a Clinical Social Worker at Mile Square Mental Health Agency on the West Side of Chicago. She also worked at Mount Sinai Hospital, in their Psych Unit, working with adolescents doing Intake assessments.

In 1989 Officer Riley returned back to school to pursue her Masters Degree in Psychology. Shortly after that, Riley landed a Job with Echo Mental Health Agency as the Liaison for Madden Mental Health Agency and St. Bernard Hospital and remained there until she joined the Chicago Police Department in 1998.

Officer Riley has served the FOP, Lodge 7 as the Watch Representative for six years and a Unit Representative for two years.

Officer Inez Riley became a Trustee on the FOP, Lodge 7 Board of Directors in January of 2015.


Jay Ryan

Jay Ryan has been a Chicago Police Officer since November 1996. He is currently assigned to the 016th District, 3rd Watch. Officer Ryan serves as the 16th District’s Unit Representative, as well as the Tactical Team Representative.
Officer Ryan’s career assignments have included the 23rd District, 18th District, Special Operations Section, Education and Training Division, and the 16th District.
Outside of the Department, Jay Ryan works part time for Taser International, as a Master Instructor, certifying users and instructors in Taser International’s products for outside agencies.

He is proud to be a new member of the FOP, Chicago Lodge 7’s Board of Directors.


Steve Schorsch

Steve Schorsch served as a member of the Chicago Police Department for over 40-years. He joined the CPD in 1970 as a Police Cadet serving until 1972 when the program was disbanded.

He was a member of the United States Army National Guard from 1971 to 1977, serving in both the 633rd and 733rd M.P. Companies. Steve was Honorably Discharged in February of 1977.

Steve became a Police Officer in February of 1973, where after graduation from the Academy he was assigned to the 13th District working in both Patrol and the Tactical Unit. In 1979 he transferred to the 19th District and was assigned to the Tactical Unit until 1986. At that time he was assigned to the S.N.I.P. Unit, working out of Area 6 until he was promoted to Detective in 1988. From there he went to Area 3 where he was assigned to the Homicide Unit. He later transferred to the Cold Case Unit and stayed there from 2006 to 2012. He then returned to Area North and stayed until he retired in May 2012.

During his career, Steve was elected to serve as the Unit Representative for Area 6, Area 3 and the Cold Case Unit (606).

Steve served the FOP as a member of the Legislative, Pension and Grievance committees. He was also selected to serve as a member of three different contract negotiation teams.


Ron Shogren

Ron Shogren is a 31 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. He started his career in the 14th District where he worked as a Patrol Officer and a Tactical Officer, receiving numerous awards for his police work. Ron was assigned as a patrolman to Unit 192 in 1992 where he was elected to the position of Unit Rep. In 1998 he was promoted to Youth Investigator.

Ron became the first Unit Representative for the 014th District where he worked to gain the right to collective bargaining and helping to get the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 elected as the sole bargaining agent for the Policemen of the City of Chicago.

In 1981, Ron was appointed to the position of Field Representative where he served for 12 years during which he was elected to the position of 3rd Vice President.

Ron has been elected a Trustee numerous times since 1980 and continues to serve as a Trustee. He is also on the audit committee. In 2004, after 31 years of service, Ron retired from Special Victims Unit.


Daniel Trevino

Dan Trevino has more than 34 years of experience with the Chicago Police Department. Dan began his career as a Chicago Police Officer in 1980 and was assigned to the 014th District. In 014, he worked a beat car, the wagon, the desk and lock-up. In 1983, he was transferred to the Traffic Enforcement Section and in 1985, he was assigned to the Training Division as an Instructor of Police.

In 1995, Dan was promoted to a Youth Officer and assigned to the Area 5 Youth Division. In 1998, he was transferred to Area 3 Youth Division. While serving as a Detective, Dan was detailed to Detective HQ, Sex Offender Registration Section, where he served until he retired in 2009.

Dan has served as a Unit Representative for a number of years and as an elected Trustee. He currently serves on several committees, including 990, Safety and Uniform and Equipment. Dan is proud to be a part of Team Angelo and believes his years of experience will help him serve the FOP membership.