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From the Police Officer's Perspective

No politics

No media bias

A show FOR Police Officers

BY Police Officers

This is a tough time to be in law enforcement and it's hard to get an officer's perspective because the media is so biased.

So throughout 2017 and 2018, our theater company wanted to find out what the other side of the story was. So we started talking with cops. 

nd with each conversation, what we imagined would turn into a show about race and Black Lives Matter turned into one about mental health—how part of the police officer’s job is to check their emotions at the door in high stress situations and let it all out later.

But the daily grind of working a job where you're constantly in a state of fear and readiness leads to this “LATER” never arriving.

t became clear to me that the purpose of the show would be to present the nature of policing from a cop’s point of view, reinforce the idea that regularly checking in on your mental health should be part of the job, and promote the need for more resources.

nd we're only going to perform it for you, peace officers, at private events across the country.

ope to see you there!

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Sean Neely

Artistic Director


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