Who is the Fraternal Order of Police Family Auxiliary?

The Family Auxiliary is made up of family members of FOP Police Officers, active and retired. Membership includes: spouses, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, in-laws, and children (over the age of 18).

Why Was the Auxiliary Created?

The Auxiliary was created in May 1991 to supplement the FOP in its support for officers and their family members. The Auxiliary’s motto “never let them walk alone” characterizes the mission of the group, which is to provide support for officers and their families. The Auxiliary aims to enhance the lives of their loved ones who risk their lives for the people of Chicago. Joining the organization is an excellent opportunity to support your loved ones and friends in the department, as well as helping the children of the police officers.

How Do We Assist the FOP?

As the FOP strives to improve working conditions for its members, it also is asked to help families in need. The Auxiliary supplements the FOP by organizing events to raise money for police families in need. The Auxiliary also assists in 10-1 benefits for officers or a member of an officer’s family.

Projects & Events

Sometimes it is difficult to be a part of a police family because an officer works hours that are not typically 9-5 and there is a possibility of not having time off for the holidays. So the Auxiliary created another opportunity to celebrate. Each year the Auxiliary hosts several events, which include the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Lunch with Santa.

The Auxiliary also established an Educational Fund, which awards $500 to a police officer’s child attending preschool through high school. To raise money for the scholarship, the Auxiliary hosts the Annual Golf Outing each spring.

The Auxiliary members also attend memorial services in Springfield and Washington as a way of advocating for the police officers and their dedication and service to their jobs and families.


The Auxiliary has previously given motorized tricycles to officers’ children who were handicapped. They also began a trust fund for an officer whose wife died at childbirth, leaving him with twins.

When the Auxiliary collaborated with the Make a Wish Foundation, they gave gifts to seven families. They were able to send a family on a fishing trip, including supplying a cabin and boats. They also sent a family to Great America who has never been.

How to Join

The Auxiliary loves new members and would like as many people to join as possible! To join, please fill out the application and deliver it to the Lodge.

For additional information, please contact President Angie Haynes at 312-771-0015.