Lodge 7 President’s Status

December 18, 2013

As many of you are aware, this past Monday Lodge President Michael K. Shields publicly accused respected arbitrators, City and FOP labor lawyers, and present and former Lodge officials of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud during past contract negotiations.  Due to the recent actions of President Shields, Illinois State FOP Lodge President Ted Street was forced to suspend President Shields’, “membership rights, duties and authority and therefore is suspended as President of Chicago FOP Lodge #7,” pending a hearing before the State Lodge Board of Trustees.  Based on the FOP Lodge 7 by-laws, First Vice President William Dougherty will be the Acting President of the Lodge until the next Board of Directors meeting.

The remaining Field Representatives would like to publicly extend a deep apology to those who were named in the Chicago Sun-Times article.  Lastly, to our members, we want you to know that we are deeply saddened by these recent turns of events and understand the present “crisis in confidence” the members have in their Union.  Based on your dedication and duty to the welfare our City, your wage and work conditions must be our number one priority.  With that in mind, we promise that our commitment to you will not change in the remaining months before the Lodge election.  Any and all press inquiries should be directed to the Lodge’s media consultant Patrick Camden.

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