Medical Services Section Referral List – Update: 9/14/16

The newly updated Medical Services Section Referral List From Blue Cross/Blue Shield Workers Choice Network is available here.  Medical Referral List 9 14 16 (Updated 9/14/16)

For questions on this list, please reach contact the Medical Section – Referrals at 312-745-5008 or PAX 0132.

Ambulance Fee Exemption

Members should be aware that the current agreement between the FOP and the City exempts members and eligible dependents and retirees and their spouses from CFD ambulance fees. Members must contact Hazel Darden at Unit 123 (Human Resources) at (312) 745-5310 and request a wavier.

Flexible Spending Account Information

The Flexible Spending Account is an account that is funded with pre-tax dollars. The account can be used to pay for almost any medical or dental procedures or supplies required for any family member covered by your insurance.

This FSA is being administered by Pay Flex. Pay Flex can make direct deposits to your checking or savings account as soon as a benefit is approved and an Explanation of Benefits is issued.

Please visit the PayFlex website for more information.

For Eyes Optical Vision Benefit Plan

For Eyes is currently offering a vision benefit plan to FOP members. Their plan is available to all members and their immediate families. Download the For Eyes brochure for more information on this money saving plan.

General Orders

Medical Policy                          G.O. 98-02
IOD Status                                G.O. 98-02-01A
Non-IOD Status                        G.O. 98-02-02A
Limited/Convalescent Duty     G.O. 98-02-03

IOD-IRS Letters

All sworn personnel should be aware that Section 2-84-480 of the City of Chicago Municipal Code allows sworn personnel to receive their full salary for a period of 12 months when the officer is injured while performing their police duties. The Internal Revenue Service has previously issued Technical Advice Memorandum T32-153-91, which determined that regular wages paid to a member while out I.O.D. qualifies as workmen’s compensation. As such, this income is excluded from the recipient’s gross income. Please visit this link for instructions and a pre-printed To – From request.

Medical Services Section Reminders

When going on the Medical Roll, a member must contact his unit of assignment at least one hour prior to his/her scheduled reporting time. The member will give the reason for the absence and any other information requested by the supervisor. The member must contact the Medical Services Section within twenty-four hours of placement upon the medical roll. A member who is unable to report in person on the second day due to illness/injury, will telephone the Medical Services Section. The member will report as soon as the member is physically able to do so.  The member may be required to bring an attending physician’s written statement documenting the diagnosis, treatment plan, and projected return to duty or recovery date.

The Medical Services Section has asked the Lodge to remind our officers that children are not allowed at the MSS for any reason.

Vision Plan Update

The Lodge filed a grievance when the City implemented the Vision Plan that is currently in effect. The Lodge met with the arbitrator who issued the original award. The arbitrator issued an award regarding the dispute. Please read the Arbitrators Vision Award and Supplemental Award.

Wellness Benefit

The Wellness Benefit is a $600.00 allotment that is available to each covered family member.

This benefit includes:
One routine physical per calendar year including any associated blood work

Members may also take advantage of the many health fairs conducted by Interactive Health Solutions. These health fairs are a no-cost option that uses the benefit allotment. The times and dates of the health fairs are published in the monthly newsletter and posted on the FOP website on the Current Updates and Upcoming Events pages.

The Wellness benefit is only for active members who are covered by PPO Insurance. Members who have HMO insurance already have these items included in their insurance. Please call the Benefits Management Office at (312) 747-8660 with any questions.

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