NATO Overtime Grievance

May 16, 2012

The Lodge filed a class action grievance on behalf of all members who work overtime during the NATO summit and request to be credited with compensatory time instead of receiving a cash payment.

The Department has printed new overtime slips (blue) that have already been completed with the “Money” box checked. Any member who wishes to be credited with compensatory time should cross out the money line and check the “Time” box on the slip. Members should keep anecdotal records of the denial of time for overtime.

Section 20.2 of our contract is clear. Officer have the option of electing either time or money for any overtime that is worked. The NATO summit does not trump our contract. This is an attempt to defer the overtime costs of this summit to the Federal Government. Apparently, the City does not have the ability to defer the costs of time to the Feds.

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