Cop Killer Released

Earlier today, a major slap to the face of the entire Law Enforcement community quietly occurred when the Illinois Parole Board voted 8 to 7 to parole convicted cop killer, Joseph Bigsby.

It was after committing a set of robberies, which netted less than $5, in September of 1973 that Chicago Patrol Officer Edward Barron was shot and killed by Bigsby.  Originally convicted and sentenced to over 270 years in prison, this cop killer will now be released.

June 25, 2015 will always be remembered as another sad day for Officer Barron’s family, his friends and co-workers; as well as for everyone that wears the uniform.  It never ceases to amaze us how a group of so-called educated people could sit in a room and listen to the stories of loss from the families of the fallen Heroes.  They hear the first-hand accounts of the horrors from the partners and responding units, and then take into account a litany of overwhelming reasons why a monster should never walk among us again.  Then they completely disregard any consideration of what’s right, and lose all connection to common sense, by voting to let a person like this walk out of the cage he was meant to die in.

Needless to say, Officers will show up for roll call all over our City, throughout our State and across our Nation.  They will respond to and address the mundane, they will quiet the anger and stifle the aggression and they will continue to make safe the violent streets they patrol.  But today, they will show up with some residual redness to their collective cheeks that remains from the slap of the far-reaching hand of the Illinois Parole Board.

To Each and Every Officer…Be Safe and God Bless the Police

Dean C. Angelo Sr., President

Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7