Krislov Update

Retiree Healthcare

The Underwood case (dealing with retiree healthcare post 2013 going forward) has been remanded to State Court.  Clint Krislov moved to have the case reinstated and set a status hearing to proceed in State Court.  He will appear before Judge Martin on April 23, 2015.  This begins another long battle.

Korshak Case

Clint Krislov filed a Motion to force the City to audit and reconcile your premium charges to actual healthcare costs for the last half of 2013.  The City is now overdue in filing its response.  We are set to appear in Court on May 28, 2015 for argument.

Pension Reform

Clint Krislov has agreed to represent the other City retirees who have had their COLA reduced by the City.  In the Jones/Johnson case Krislov is challenging the City pension reform that cuts their Automatic Annuity Increases (COLA).  This case is stayed pending the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision in the State pension reform case and a decision is expected by the end of May.


Clint Krislov needs to rebuild the war chest. While we are once again at the beginning of the healthcare case, we are nonetheless alive and essentially back where we were when the Korshak trial ended.  Clint will present the whole record of the trial, and seek a positive outcome for our members.  He needs our help by contributions.  You can contact Clint at, call 312-606-0500 or send contributions to:

Clint Krislov
20 N. Wacker Suite 1300
Chicago, Ill. 60606