New Uniform & Tattoo Policy Update

Even with the Lodge’s recent filing of an Unfair Labor Practice Charge (ULP) with the Illinois Labor Relations Board (ILRB), seeking injunctive relief (Case No. L-CA-15-006), as well as a Class Action Grievance filed against the City on behalf of all affected members (Grv. No. 129-15-007), over the City’s new Uniform and Equipment Policy, the changes associated with the new Directive will still go into effect at 0001 hours on 12 JUN 15.

In no way does the ULP Charge or the Grievance allow our Officers the ability not to comply with the policies. To be clear, Officers will be required to comply with the direction as outlined within the new Personal Appearance, Uniform/Citizen’s Dress and Equipment Directives (U04-01, U04-01-01, U04-01-02 and U04-01-03), unless and until the Labor Board or an Arbitrator rules otherwise.

It remains the Lodge’s position that the dress code policy remains a mandatory subject of bargaining, especially when it impacts current Officers who have visible body tattoos and/or body brandings, and the City’s decision to unilaterally make the changes vio