Chicago Lodge 7 President invited to Washington, DC for a meeting with the Trump Administration

Earlier this week, President Angelo received a formal invitation from the National FOP Executive Board to travel to our Nation’s Capital to participate in a meeting with key members of the Trump Administration. Although the specifics of the date and the meeting itself cannot be shared at present, this opportunity will certainly allow President Angelo to further establish Lodge 7 on the National level.

It comes as no surprise that the violence which continues to tear through our neighborhoods has the attention of every media outlet from New York to Los Angeles. On more than one occasion, President Trump referenced the bloodshed and shootings that seems to have Chicago in a death grip. We could only assume that the topic of Chicago crime might find its way on the agenda.

To that point, President Angelo will carry the message of the ‘Working Police’ to the White House in an attempt to ensure that your voices are not only heard, but that our input towards any future federally-supported solutions are seriously considered.

Be Safe and God Bless the Police…

Dean C. Angelo, Sr.
Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge 7