DC Honor Guard and Pipes and Drums Competition Information

Below are the now confirmed times for our Chicago Police Honor Guard and Pipes and Drums of the Chicago Police Department competition/performance times.

The competition/performances take place on Tuesday, 14 May 19 at the Grant Statue (west front of the United States Capitol.)

2019 Team Performance Time May 14th

**Honor Guards

0815  Customs and Border Protection - Field Operations
0830  Washington State Patrol
0900  San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, CA
0930  Weber County Sheriff's Office, Utah
1030  U.S. Capitol Police
1100  Chicago Police Department
1130  Oklahoma Department of Corrections
1230  Metro Nashville Police Department, TN
1330  U.S. Border Patrol
1400  Union Township Police, Oh
1430  Spartanburg County Sheriff Office, SC
1500  Greene County Sheriff's Office, MO
1530  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

**Pipe Bands

0900  US Coast Guard Pipe Band

0930  Newport News Police Pipes & Drums

1000  Pipes and Drums of the Chicago Police Department

1030  U.S. Border Patrol Pipes & Drum

1115  Fort Worth Police Pipes and Drums Band

1130  San Jose Police Emerald Society

1200  U.S. Customs and Border Protection

1215  Seattle Police Pipes and Drums

1245  Los Angeles Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums

1300  Texas Department of Public Safety Pipe and Drum Corps