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Alternate Response Operator.
Job Number: 8603-CPD-2016
Number of Vacancies: 100 (Approx.) TBD based on Budget Approval

Essential Duties:

-Receives incoming 3-1-1 calls or other city numbers from persons requesting non-emergency public safety assistance.

- Solicits descriptive information to determine the nature of the request and best way to provide service.

-Determines whether the caller has been the victim of a crime or the subject of a non-criminal incident.

-Uses the Incident Reporting Guide to determine the proper primary and secondary classification of criminal and non-criminal reports.

-Completes case report using the Automated Incident Reporting Application (AIRA) or the Miscellaneous Incident Exception Report.

-Uses the Police Computer Aided Dispatch (PCAD) system to create a computerized event of the incident so a Records Division (RD) number can be assigned.

-Enters motor vehicle thefts or stolen vehicle parts into Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS).

-Mails Victim Information Notices (VINs) for all completed reports.

-Returns phone calls to citizens who opted to leave a message rather than waiting for an officer.

-Obtains animal bite numbers for all incidents in the City by completing the questions in the City Services System.

-Relays information regarding incidents to citizens, other communications operators, department officials, or other agencies as required.

-Receives, processes and relays 9-1-1 emergency calls for police, fire, or emergency medical services, as required.