Mayor's Letter

Along with the rest of our Membership, we are 100% sure everyone remains extremely frustrated, angered and more than a bit concerned about getting to the bottom of the Mayoral letter that was reported by some in the media to have been submitted in support of a Police-fighter.  This same offender was recently charged with punching a Commander of Police during an anti-Police demonstration and also charged with attempting to disarm an Officer.

What we have learned thus far is that the media might have reported a crucial aspect of this story incorrectly.  When we pushed City Hall for a copy of the alleged letter, we received a letter dated June 10, 2015 which we were told was mailed out to numerous volunteers who worked on the city-sponsored, 'Put the Guns Down' anti-violence campaign.  We were also informed that the original letter was in no way intended to be used as support of any kind concerning this person's recent arrest; nor to help him to be removed from electronic monitoring or to assist him to once again use social media.  If we are to believe this explanation, it could be construed that the Court was misled.

We are in no way taking a position of supporting City Hall, nor are we encouraged by their lack of strongly speaking out against the misuse of their letter.  Along with the entire Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7 Membership, we continue to wait on some type of official statement from the Mayor, from the Chicago Police Department, from any elected official, or from any media source interested in correcting any mistruth reported concerning this event.  Rather than wait any longer on responses we know are not forthcoming, the Lodge must not only address these statements, but also caution the media to be cognizant of maintaining accuracy when reporting on such hot-button issues.

Once again, Lodge 7 stands alone as the only voice supporting the women and men of the Chicago Police Department. 

Stay Safe and God Bless the Police.
President Dean C. Angelo, Sr.
Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7