Personal Cell Phone Date Issue

This updated information addresses the Department Notice (DN) dealing with maintaining personal cell phone data of the Officers who were on the shooting scene that took place on July 27, 2016 at 7351 S. Merrill.

1. - To date, no individual Officer has been asked to turn over any of his/her cell phone data.

2. - In order to gain access to cell phone data an official order of court, a subpoena and/or a warrant would be required.

3. - Members should contact the Lodge if they find themselves on the receiving end of any of the previously stated legal processes.

4. - The Lodge has submitted a letter to determine if there would be any consideration on behalf of the City to appeal to the cited case in the original DN.

5. - While we wait on actual documented confirmation, it has been communicated to the Lodge that the City does in fact intend to file an appeal.

6. - Furthermore, the Lodge will move to enjoin (become a party to) the appeal in order to offer our input and to maintain an active role on any involvement as the appeal process moves forward.