Retiree Healthcare Update

This was just sent to us from Attorney Krislov:

Gentlemen and Ladies of the FOP:

As you may have heard, we obtained the Court of Appeals’ reversal, vacating Judge Holderman’s dismissal of the case, and ordering the case remanded back to the Cook County Circuit Court for a decision on the State law claims.

This is a terrific result, especially from Judge Easterbrook, who, in both the oral argument, previous private employer rulings and this decision, makes no bones about his own views hostile to retiree healthcare vesting.

Essentially, we are (finally!) back to where we were in 1988, after the three week trial, in which Judge Green’s decision on the merits was pre-empted by the settlement between the City and the Trustees, which was approved over the participants’ unanimous opposition.

We have a good chance to win this.  Certainly no guarantee.  But we’re back where we want to be.

That said, this is the renewed beginning against a City administration determined to wipe us out.

With all appreciation for your past contributions, we need to replenish the war chest, and believe our results to date have earned our request for further contributions.