Senate Bill 777 Important Information

There is misinformation that originated in the Retired Chicago Police Association newsletter and also on Facebook regarding Senate Bill 777. Individuals that are completely misinformed and who have had no participation in the development of or the language contained within Senate Bill 777 are suggesting that members contact the Governor’s Office in an attempt to get the Bill vetoed. The threat of the $515 million that is being circulated is completely inaccurate.

Lodge 7, Firefighter Union Local 2, a team of accountants and lobbyists worked tirelessly to ensure that Senate Bill 777 would contribute to benefiting the future solvency of our pension funds. Representatives from the Nationally recognized Center for Tax and Budget Accountability who are proficient in securing retiree benefits and annuities participated in, reviewed, and assisted with drafting the language prior to the bill being submitted to the legislature.

If vetoed any funding that is currently dedicated as part of Senate Bill 777 could be rewritten to allow those funds to be reallocated into a different city pension system and not into the Police and Fire Funds as presently guaranteed.

I have addressed these erroneous claims with the President of Retired Chicago Police Association who will be printing a retraction. In the mean time we strongly suggest everyone refrain from contacting the Governor’s Office in regard to vetoing Senate Bill 777. As always, if you have any questions or need clarification please call the Lodge.

Be Safe and God Bless the Police,
Dean C. Angelo Sr., President
Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7