Sergeant's List Update

At 0930 hrs on 29 OCT 15, the City/Department notified the Lodge of its intent to promote 13 officers to sergeant based 100% on merit. It is the Lodge’s position that the City/Department is circumventing its own hiring process in regards to promoting sergeants and also not complying with the 30% aspect related to these types of promotions.

Within a matter of hours, the Lodge, on behalf of a group of officers, came forward to contest the City's/Department’s actions and filed a Complaint for Declaratory Relief and an Emergency Motion for a TRO in State Court.


On behalf of the Officers/Plaintiffs, the Lodge is asking the Court to promote Officers in accordance with its original examination notice, hiring plan and past practice of the parties.
A hearing on our Motion is scheduled for today, Friday, October 30, 2015, at 10:30, in front of Judge Rita Novak, in Room 2402 of the Daley Center.

As soon as there are results to report, the Lodge will immediately communicate them to the membership.