Thompson Sentenced to 24-Years

On Valentine's Day 2014, Chicago Police Officers Joseph Groh and Mark Czalpa stopped at Walgreens where they observed an employee struggling with a shop lifter. The Officers took immediate action in an attempt to place the offender Tommy Thompson in custody. Thompson resisted and began to strike the Officers. A violent struggle ensued and Thompson gained control of Officer Groh's weapon. Thompson fired the weapon at the Officers and miraculously no one was hit.

Officer Czalpa, since promoted to Sergeant, was finally able to gain control of the weapon and Thompson was taken into custody. Thompson was arrested and charged with Attempt Murder of a Police Officer.

Today, Thompson appeared in Judge Clap's court room. Judge Clap has a history of not being a police fan but found Tommy Thompson GUILTY on all counts and sentenced Thompson to 24 years IDOC. Thompson must serve 85% of the 24 year sentence.

A message is finally sent from 26th and California that you must pay a price when you attack a Police Officer.