Update On Sergeants' Litigation

The purpose of this email is to provide an update on the pending litigation
related to the Sergeants promotions.  
The City has announced that an additional 29 officers will begin Sergeant training today, Monday, December 14, 2015.  All of the additional 29 officers are being promoted based on their exam scores.  As a consequence, all of the Plaintiffs in the underlying lawsuit will begin Sergeants' training on Monday.  This class will consist of 87 officers.
Please be advised that the City's attorney represented to the Lodge that the City will not swear in the 13 officers who began Sergeants' training in October until the above 87 officers have completed their training.  

Accordingly, at the completion of your training, 100 officers will be promoted at the same time, of which no more than 30% will be based on merit.
The City's decision to promote Sergeants as described above resolves the Plaintiffs' claim against the City as to the promotions announced in October and November of this year.  We are still working out our demand for a declaratory judgment that the City be required to comply with the promotional process as set out in the City's Hiring Plan in the future, however.  This week, the City's attorney and the Lodge will be asking the Court to vacate  the dates set on the City's Motion to Dismiss and the hearing for a preliminary injunction.  We are also asking the Court to set a status hearing for early February, 2016 to report on whether the City and the Plaintiffs have agreed on future promotions off of the 2014 list.