Sergeant’s List Court Decision

As promised, here are the results of this morning’s hearing in front of Judge Rita Novak.

Although Judge Novak denied the Motion for our TRO, she agreed that the Plaintiff-Officers raise a valid issue as to how officers are being promoted in this round. The Judge found that the Plaintiff-Officers will not suffer enough “irreparable harm”; in that any violation that might occur by the Department during this round of promotions can be resolved by the Court without the need for issuing a TRO.

The Lodge will be moving forward with the Complaint for Declaratory Judgment that remains pending. As part of the Complaint for Declaratory Judgment, the Court could award all back pay, back benefits and seniority to the officers who should have been promoted. 

Going forward, the process allows for the City to answer the Complaint by November 30, 2015. The Judge will then have the final determination on whether the Department is circumventing its own hiring process in regards to promoting sergeants by not complying with the historic 30% aspect related to merit-based promotions.

Finally, the Department has indicated that a new round of sergeant promotions will be announced by the end of November 2015, with in-service training to begin in December 2015. 

As always, as soon as there are any more new developments or changes concerning this issue, the Lodge will immediately communicate them to the membership.