One of the many important functions of the FOP Lodge No. 7 is to sponsor and lobby for the passage of legislation in Springfield. Legislation in the FOP’s favor will improve pension benefits for active officers as well as retired officers, widows and disabled officers.

Since 1993, Lodge 7 has employed professional lobbyist Mark O’Toole as our representative in Springfield, assuring that our state’s legislators are aware of the FOP’s presence. During each legislative session Mr. O’Toole, our former President Mark Donahue and our current President Michael K. Shields walk the halls of the capitol, lobbying for the votes needed to pass FOP sponsored legislation.

In October 2011, the FOP sent over 200 members to lobby at the State Capitol in solidarity with other unions. The campaign, “We Are One,” was organized to maintain public employee pensions. Not only did HB3827 not pass, SB0512 was prolonged as a result of union efforts.

The FOP is proud that several legislative bills have been passed since 1993 and continues to fight for improvements during each legislative session. Click on the link below to see the current bills sponsored and supported by the FOP. As a member, you can assist the FOP by personally contacting your state representative and asking for his/her support of these bills. To monitor the progress of each of these bills, visit www.ilga.gov

2013 proposed legislation is pending at this time.



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