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Current Updates
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February 24, 2011

Pension Update  02/24/11

There has been a great deal of concern from our members regarding  comments that Rahm Emmanuel made during his Mayoral campaign. During discussions with the Lodge, Mr. Emmanuel stated that he does not have any intention of diminishing any benefits already earned by our members.

Members who have not yet retired should not draw any inferences from his statement. All members benefits, retired and active,  cannot be diminished as they are protected under Chapter 13 of the Illinois Constitution.

Mr. Emmanuel has since backed off of these earlier comments now saying that he will discuss the pension problems with the unions that are involved. The Lodge intends to meet with Mr. Emmanuel to discuss the issues in the near future.

FOP Online Gift Shop  02/21/11

The FOP Online Gift Shop is now open. Members can access the Gift Shop by clicking on the yellow Online Gift Shop tab displayed on all pages of the FOP Website.

This is a completely new secure site with its own web address . Members who were registered in the old Gift Shop will have to register as a new user in the new Gift Shop or shop as a guest.

Please take a look at the new site. Merchandise will be added as it becomes available.

Beretta 92D Safety Alert  02/18/11

The Lodge was recently contacted by a Member regarding his Beretta 92D duty weapon which was not operational when he attended the annual qualifications at the Area Range.  A further examination of the weapon was made and the range officers recommended the Officer bring the gun to a gunsmith.

The Beretta 92D duty weapon was brought to a local gunsmith who conducted a thorough examination and discovered that the weapons extractor was an incorrect part that was designed for a 92FS Beretta semi auto pistol.  The gunsmith replaced the extractor with the correct part and test fired the weapon on the range it now fired and operated properly.

The Lodge is urging all officers that have had their Beretta duty weapons serviced within the past year and have not yet fired the weapon to test fire them immediately at the range.  If there is a problem with the weapon, please contact: Len Lucas c/o Beretta at 301-283-2191 Extension 1372

Someone Finally Gets It  02/18/11

William Atwood is the Executive Director of the Illinois State Board of Investment. Today, he authored an article that was printed in the Chicago SunTimes.

Hopefully, this article will allay some of the fears our members have expressed regarding the safety of our pension. More importantly it may educate the public about the supposedly "free money" we get when we retire from a job few will accept.

Please take a few moments to read this important article.
Atwood Pension Article.

Election Endorsements Update  02/18/11

The Board of Directors of Chicago Lodge #7 made a unanimous choice to endorse a Mayoral Candidate Gery Chico in the upcoming election.

The Board of Directors of Chicago Lodge #7 also unanimously voted to endorse Susana A. Mendoza for City Clerk of Chicago in the upcoming Municipal Election that will be held on February 22, 2011.

The Board also endorsed the following candidates for Alderman in the same election. Members should keep in mind that some candidates did not request the endorsement of the Lodge.

Aldermanic Endorsement List

Chicago Firefighter Lieutenant Eddie Reed was also endorsed for the Aldermanic spot in the 9th ward. His name was not included on the endorsement list or FOP Newsletter as this endorsement was made after it went to publication.

FOP Election Information  02/13/11

Ballots for the 2011 FOP Lodge #7 election were mailed out on Friday, February 4, 2011. Completed ballots must be received at the post office by close of business March 3, 2011.

Any member who does not receive a ballot or spoils their ballot may vote in person at the Lodge on Friday, March 4, 2011 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

There have been questions as to whether a voter needs to make a selection for each and every office. Members have the option to vote for as little as one candidate on the ballot or vote for the maximum number of candidates allowed for each office. A ballot will be considered ineligible if it contains more than the maximum number of votes allowed for a particular office. Please double check your ballot before mailing.

Death Penalty Legislation  01/14/11

Senate Bill 3539 is a bill that, if signed by Governor Quinn, will repeal the death penalty in the State of Illinois. This bill has passed out of the legislature and is awaiting the Governor's signature.

President Donahue has sent a letter to Governor Quinn on behalf of the members of the Lodge asking the Governor to veto this legislation.

Letter to the Governor

The Lodge is imploring all members and their families  to contact the Governor requesting that he veto this legislation. The most convenient and effective way to contact the Governor is via email. Please use the following link to contact Governor Quinn. Scroll to the bottom of the page and convey your message to the Governor.

Email Governor Quinn

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