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Clemency Hearing Scheduled

July 1, 2015

In 2005, Howard Morgan was convicted of Attempted Murder of four Chicago Police Officers, Finley, Wrigley, Olson and White. He now comes before the Governor of the State of Illinois asking for a second chance; hoping that the State will show mercy and grant him Executive Clemency. The Public Hearing is scheduled before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board on Wednesday, …

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Sentence of Cop Killer Handed Down

June 26, 2015

This just in: The murderer of Police Officer Michael Flisk has just been sentenced to NATURAL LIFE with NO parole!  Plus, 14 years for Burglary. Thank you to everyone who supported the Flisk Family throughout this nightmare. Thank you, Judge Brosnahan.

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Cop Killer Released

June 25, 2015

Earlier today, a major slap to the face of the entire Law Enforcement community quietly occurred when the Illinois Parole Board voted 8 to 7 to parole convicted cop killer, Joseph Bigsby. It was after committing a set of robberies, which netted less than $5, in September of 1973 that Chicago Patrol Officer Edward Barron was shot and killed by …

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The 12-Hour Weekend Changes

June 23, 2015

The 12-hour holiday weekend changes, as implemented by the Department, are another prime example of the overall lack of manpower our Members experience each and every tour of duty.¬† A Citywide need to lengthen the workday to 12.5 hours to staff the needs of our City is surely another demonstration of a low level of personnel. The women and men …

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