1412 West Washington Boulevard Chicago, Illinois 60607-1821 (312) 733-7776

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Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge #7
1412 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60607-1821
Phone: 312-733-7776
Fax: 312-733-1367

President John Catanzara, Jr. john.catanzarajr@chicagofop.org
1st Vice President Michael Mette michael.mette@chicagofop.org
2nd Vice President Daniel Gorman dgorman@chicagofop.org
3rd Vice President Monica Ortiz mortiz@chicagofop.org
Recording Secretary Robert Noceda rnoceda@chicagofop.org
Treasurer Dennis McGuire dmcguire@chicagofop.org
Financial Secretary Jim Jakstavich jjakstavich@chicagofop.org
Sergeant-at-arms Michael J. Collins mcollins@chicagofop.org
Sergeant-at-arms John Delanty jdelanty@chicagofop.org
Sergeant-at-arms Nenad Marokvich nmarkovich@chicagofop.org
Trustee Chariman David DiSanti ddisanti@chicagofop.org
Trustee Matthew Beesley mbeesley@chicagofop.org
Trustee Harold Brown hbrown@chicagofop.org
Trustee John T. Capparelli jcapparelli@chicagofop.org
Trustee JC Cardenas jcardenas@chicagofop.org
Trustee Keith B. Carter kcarter@chicagofop.org
Trustee Ray Casiano Jr. rcasiano@chicagofop.org
Trustee Timothy Covelli tcovelli@chicagofop.org
Trustee Patrick Duckhorn pduckhorn@chicagofop.org
Trustee Rick King rking@chicagofop.org
Trustee Tom Lonergan tlonergan@chicagofop.org
Trustee Jack O'Keefe jokeefe@chicagofop.org
Trustee Steve Olsen solsen@chicagofop.org
Trustee Carlos Salazar csalazar@chicagofop.org
Trustee Ronald Shogren rshogren@chicagofop.org
Trustee Daniel G. Trevino dtrevino@chicagofop.org
Trustee Carlos Yanez Jr. cyanez jr.@chicagofop.org
Field Representative Michael Cosentino mcosentino@chicagofop.org
Field Representative Fernando Flores f.flores@chicagofop.org
Field Representative Kenyatta Gaines kgaines@chicagofop.org

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Chicago FOP Logo
We pledge ourselves to promote the health and welfare of all Chicago Law Enforcement Officers and their immediate families; to raise and maintain the professional standards of the Chicago Law Enforcement Officer; and to represent Chicago Police Officers in affairs relative to the administration of the department.

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