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Seniority Bidding

When bidding from one district or unit to another, you are bidding on a recognized vacancy. When you are bidding on a position within your unit or district, such as desk, watch relief, review, etc, you are bidding on a recognized opening. If you are requesting a transfer, that means you are asking the Police Department to use their 20 percent management prerogative to transfer you and, so you would check the box marked transfer on the PAR form. It is very important that you fill the PAR form out correctly, no matter which of the above actions you are requesting.

When filling out the PAR form, read each box and enter the information correctly. If the action you are requesting does not require you to fill a box in, leave it blank. On the right side of the PAR form, you will see which signatures are required for each action. When bidding for a recognized opening, please remember to enter the unit notice number. When bidding on a recognized vacancy, please remember to enter the administrative message number. The selection box for recognized openings and vacancies is located under the personnel transfer and assignment section.

When you are biding for an opening or vacancy, please make sure to review your PAR form for errors. If you have any questions, call the FOP office during business hours and we will do our best to answer any questions.

Finally, and most importantly, according to a Memorandum of Understanding contained in the Contract, if you do not sign the PAR form, it will be considered invalid!

IMPORTANT: In addition to mailing the copies of the PAR form to MLAS unit #129 via department mail, we suggest that you also FAX a copy to them at 312-745-6961 and contact them during regular business hours to ensure they have received it.

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