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First Responders Wellness Center


First Responders Wellness Center (FRWC) is a resource for first responders and their departments. FRWC specializes in strategic therapy and intervention techniques for law enforcement, first responders, and Veterans. FRWC provides specialized training, intervention, crisis management, and therapy. Therapy services include E.M.D.R., Exposure, Neurofeedback, and Cognitive Behavioral therapy. These therapies are all evidenced-based therapies, practical, and action-oriented for the needs of first responders. FRWC also conducts psychological testing for police and public safety service members including pre-employment selection, special duty, and fitness for duty.

FRWC also is in partnership with the "Headstrong Project; to heal the hidden wounds of war." The Headstrong Project is a non-profit organization that offers free psychological services to post-9/11 combat veterans showing signs or symptoms of PTSD and/or substance abuse. If you are a combat veteran please register through the website at www.getheadstrong.org and click "get treated" tab. The Headstrong Project is truly confidential psychological services and "bureaucracy free".

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Employee Assistance Program - EAP

The Professional Counseling Division / Employee Assistance Program, (EAP) is a unit of the Chicago Police Department that’s dedicated to providing “free and confidential” programs for all active and retired department members and their families. This unit was established in order to assist department members in the management of the demands of their job, and its impact on their family and professional life.

Our staff consists of clinical therapists, sworn police officers who are alcohol and substance abuse counselors, and one (1) sworn police officer who is assigned as the Peer Support Program Manager. All members of our staff specialize in working with police personnel and their families. In order to maintain privacy and confidentiality, we are located in our own standalone building in the West Loop with plenty of available parking. Our services are available by appointment, or a 24 hour emergency assistance. Call (312) 743-0378. Click here to view their web page and find more resources.

Stress Management

The 2020 Stress Management packet including dates, sign-up information, and registration form can be found here.

Therapy Groups for 2023 Offered at the EAP/PCD

First Responders Yoga

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