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10-Hour Schedule Update

Originally Posted on January 29, 2016

As we first mentioned to all of those who came into the FOP to hear where the Lodge is concerning the Department's schedule change, a conversation took place this morning with Superintendent's Chief of Staff Roussell as a means to address the multiple concerns regarding the present situation. It was communicated that the Lodge has not received a single document related to this situation. A request was made by the Lodge for the corresponding paperwork to be sent over to the FOP in order to review and respond to the changes that were offered. This conversation took place at 9:00 am.

At 2:05 this afternoon, another conversation occurred, this time with Management Labor and Affairs Director Jackson and Chief of Patrol Johnson to further discuss the possibilities of working on addressing the situation at hand. Once again, it was related that the Lodge was still not in receipt of any written documentation concerning the Department's intentions on altering the length of these Units' work days. An attempt to make clear the Lodge intentions was to work with the Department in order to address the collective bargaining securities of our Membership and to improve working conditions. We stated that in order to properly respond to the unilateral changes that were attempted, the Lodge needed to view the Department's documents.

This conversation ended with the Lodge being informed that a meeting needed to be scheduled in order to address this issue. The Department led the Lodge to believe that, at this time, forwarding the paperwork we requested was unnecessary to address the issues that we intend to resolve. At this point, the Lodge continues to wait for the Department to respond with either sending over the corresponding documentation or to schedule some type of face-to-face meeting.

We will be available throughout the weekend to meet with, discuss, review and work to positively impact this fiasco which could have easily been avoided had the processes been properly followed in the first place.

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