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A Note From President Catanzara

Originally Posted on October 05, 2020

The election Nov 3rd is the most important election not only nationally but even locally. We hear these words almost every 4 years. It has never rang more true. Kim Foxx MUST GO!!

Here is more reasons why;

This week the dysfunctional States Attorney's office gave a horrible Judge ( Hooks ) the help he needed. They dropped the prosecution against a man who helped his brother kill Officers' Fahey and O'Brien. Judge Hooks started this ball rolling a few years ago. All one has to do is say the name Burge. Even though there is no evidence that ANY of their claims were true. Facts do not matter in this corrupt/ broken system. It's about emotions and favorable perceptions from the mob running rough-shot over this city for far too long now.

One of Foxx's States Attorneys lied under oath according to Special Prosecutors who were not employed by Foxx. It led directly to the case and charges being dropped immediately. There will be no re-trial. Another convicted cop killer goes free.

This is sadly not new territory. The murderer of Officer Kenneth Kaner #2662 was paroled earlier this year. The scumbag that shot Officer Eddie Jackson in 1977 and paralyzed him till his death in 2003 was also paroled this summer.

Just a few weeks ago President Catanzara spoke at a parole hearing for the murderer of Terrence Loftus #5701 along with Lodge Trustee Frank DiMaria and 15 other current officers. We opposed parole and thankfully he fell one vote short and will stay in prison for at least another year. There were many who were in favor of parole that spoke. Sadly but not surprisingly the Cook County States Attorneys office issued a letter back in July which said they did not oppose parole for a COP KILLER!! The 2 representatives didn't even put forth a challenge. They "stood by their letter". There was ZERO explanation why they had a change of heart. In Feb of this year, they issued a lengthy letter in opposition to release.

Kim Foxx has decided that releasing felons back on the streets is no big deal. She has decided that felony drug charges are not violent, even though it's what fuels the shootings and murders. Kimm Foxx has decided to interpret shoplifting laws that are in black and white to more than double the standards. She is beyond a failure and she needs to go come Nov. 3rd for all these reasons. If those are not enough to convince you, then consider the fact she has proven to be willing to play games with the memories of our fallen heroes. Their sacrifice is not some political football to be tossed around. They deserve justice today like they did the day these tragedies happened!

Please make sure to VOTE!! Make sure to spread the word. We are losing our city more and more every day. The silent majority must rise up and take back control.



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