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Aldermen And City Treasurer Election Endorsement

Originally Posted on January 23, 2019

Below are the Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge #7 Endorsed Aldermen candidates and cadidate for Chicago City Treasurer as selected by our Political Action committee:

Alderman 11th Ward- Patrick D. Thompson
Alderman 12th Ward- George Cardenas
Alderman 13th Ward- Marty Quinn
Alderman 14th Ward- Edward M. Burke
Alderman 19th Ward- Matthew O’Shea
Alderman 23rd Ward- Silvana Tabares
Alderman 25th Ward- Alexander Acevedo
Alderman 29th Ward- Christopher Taliaferro
Alderman 2nd Ward- Brian Hopkins
Alderman 30th Ward- Ariel Reboyras
Alderman 33rd Ward- Joel Zawko
Alderman 38th Ward- Nicholas Sposato
Alderman 39th Ward- Joseph Duplechin
Alderman 41st Ward- Anthony Napolitano
Alderman 45th Ward- James Gardiner
Alderman 47th Ward- Thomas Schwartzers
Chicago City Treasurer- Melissa Convears-Ervin

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