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Chicago Lodge 7 Endorsed Candidates

Originally Posted on February 26, 2016

Patrick Molloy-D 39th Ward Committeeman

Tim Heneghan-D 41st Ward Committeeman

Diane Shapiro-R Court Clerk

Jacob Miester-D Court Clerk

Ann Williams -D Illinois Representative – 11th District

John D'Amico-D Illinois Representative – 15th District

Michael P. McAuliffe-R Illinois Representative – 20th District

Michael Madigan-D Illinois Representative – 22nd District

Genita Robinson-D Illinois Representative – 6th District

Alex Acevado-D Illinois Representative – 2nd District

Elge Simms-D Illinois Representative – 34th District

Fran Hurley-D Illinois Representative – 35th District

Luis Arroyo, Sr.-D Illinois Representative – 3rd District

Kwame Raoul-D Illinois Senate – 13th District

Bob Fioretti-D Illinois Senate – 5th District

Tony Munoz-D Illinois Senate – 1st District

Maureen O'Donoghue-Hannon-D Judge

Colleen Daly-D Judge

Marc Martin-D Judge

Ketki Steffen-D Judge

Renee Jackson-D Judge

Anna Maria Loftus-D Judge

Bertina Lampkin-D Judge

Rossana FernandezD- Judge

Mike O'Malley-D Judge

Aleksandra Gillespe-D Judge

Carolyn Gallagher-D Judge

Pat Heneghan-D Judge

Dan Duffy-D Judge

Frederick H. Bates-D Judge

Marty Durkan-D Metropolitian Water Reclamation

Kevin McDevitt-D Metropolitian Water Reclamation

Joseph D. Cook-D Metropolitian Water Reclamation

Mariyana Spyropoulos-D Metropolitian Water Reclamation

Dan Lipinski-D US Representative – 3rd Congressional District

Frederick Collins-D US Representative – 7th Congressional District

Joan McCarthy Lasonde-D US Representative – 9th Congressional District


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