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COVID-19 Exposure Reports Without An IOD Report

Originally Posted on October 05, 2020

Important information for Officer’s that had an Exposure Report completed on their behalf and do NOT have an IOD Report related to the exposure. Regardless if after the exposure you were reporting to work or used Medical, IOD or any other time provided to you by the Contractual Bargaining Agreement.

Please contact the Lodge as soon as you can if you have been exposed to COVID while on duty and an Exposure Report was done but there was no IOD Report/Claim put in for you. The long term reactions to COVID are still unknown and all members need to be protected with the completion of an IOD Report/Claim linking the exposure to your employment.

If this applies to you or others in your District(s) and Unit(s) contact the Lodge or you can immediately start e-mailing Andrew Cantore acantore@chicagofop.org

***Keep in mind, just because the A&A’s show that you are IOD does NOT mean an IOD was submitted. Be sure to check with your time keeper if you were off due to COVID to see if you were placed on Medical Roll instead.

President John J Catanzara Jr. Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7

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