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Design The Next Generation Of CPD Vehicles

Originally Posted on June 14, 2017

The iconic design of marked CPD vehicles has been a staple on the streets of Chicago since the 1970’s. As we make investments in our Department to be a better agency for officers and residents alike, it is also appropriate to update our vehicles to reflect the next era of CPD’s history.

Starting on Monday, 12 June 2017, we are asking Chicago Police Officers from every district to submit their design for the next generation of CPD vehicles. Designs selected from each district will be considered by a review panel made up of police officers and community members to reflect our renewed commitment to be a true partner with the residents we serve. The winning design is expected to be applied to the new Chicago Police vehicles beginning in late summer.

Official Process

· Only police officers may submit designs to a district level review panel to be selected by the District Commander. Submissions will be made directly to your district commander

· Each district level review panel will select one (1) winning design to be submitted to Department-wide review panel for a total of 22 submissions

· Submissions to the Department-wide panel must be made no later than Friday 30 June 2017, to askhq@chicagopolice.org

· The 22 submissions will be reviewed by a Department-wide panel made up of
community members and sworn CPD personnel -- this panel will select five (5) finalists

· Those five (5) finalists will be presented to Superintendent Johnson who will pick the winning design

Required Elements of the Redesign

· The base color of the vehicle must be white (the design should be optimized for the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor)

· While multiple colors may be incorporated into the design, the dominant color must be the existing blue on current CPD vehicles Hex #(247291)

· Every design must include the four (4) digit vehicle identification number. This number must be placed on both sides of the front quarter panels of the vehicle and on the rear of the vehicle

· The words “Chicago Police” must be a part of the design and applied to both sides of the vehicle

· The phrase “We Serve and Protect” should be on the vehicle and visible on both sides

· The word “Police” should be on the rear of the vehicle

· The phrases “Emergencies dial 911” and “Non-Emergencies dial 311” should be a part of the design

· The phrase “@Chicago_Police” should be on the vehicle

· The phrase "CPDTip.com" may be on the vehicle

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