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Direct Order Information

If a member is notified they are not in compliance with the portal, you will have to be given a verbal direct order by a supervisor of any rank to complete it. Please ensure you have a body camera if possible and have it activated. The supervisor will likely instruct you to turn it off. Ask for their name and star # if unknown to you before turning off. They have an obligation to provide that info just as you have to comply with turning off the camera.

If you get a direct order to complete the portal, you only have 2 choices at that point. Comply or Refuse. If you comply and answer NO to having the vaccination then you will be subjected to testing. Once given the order you can go over the zone and obtain an event #, then record that in the to/from provided below. If you refuse then you will likely be placed into a no pay status and possibly stripped of your police powers, though having a few thousand officers stripped would seem impossible. There will be extra attorneys on call for those willing to ignore the order.

This decision is going to be yours to make. The city and brass have done everything to divide us. Let's not join them in that effort. Respect each other's choices.

Whatever number days in a no pay status, it will result in a class action grievance for all to recover wages, time and benefits. Until that remedy is resolved, those days will count against pension calculation.

Field reps have more info along with unit and watch reps.

I want to point out the obvious. We are on our own here and only have each other. NOT A SINGLE exempt rank came to our defense. I hope ALL of you realize that the boss you have DOESN'T give a damn about you. Remember that when they come asking for numbers. If you play ball with them, you are only empowering them to continue this insanity. You might not feel directly impacted at this given moment but this situation impacts the majority of the membership. We need to be our brother and sisters keeper.


  • Not a single exempt member was at the bond hearing for Ella French's murderers.
  • No exempt anywhere in sight at the awards in DC last night for hero officers....1 of our own was recognized.
  • No exempt speaking up this week and especially when the pretend hero(1st deputy)threatened termination. They stayed silent.
  • Our "fearless" leader has run into a corner and hid altogether while stealing a 300k paycheck!

If you have any questions please email a field rep. Email links are listed below. Save phone calls for emergencies please.


Michael Mette

Dan Gorman

Fernando Flores

Dennis McGuire

Jim Jakstavich

Rob Noceda

Andrew Cantore

Monica Ortiz

Direct Order To/From Wording:

On (date), I have been given an invalid direct order by (Supervisor#1234 ) to enter my personal and private information into the City of Chicago health portal. I believe it is against my Collective Bargaining rights under the contract between the Fraternal Order of Police and City of Chicago. The matter is subject to Mandatory Bargaining which has not concluded and as such, compliance would diminish my rights involuntarily and permanently. I was instructed if I did not comply with this invalid order that I would be charged with insubordination and placed into a no pay status (originally a non disciplinary no pay status) and possible terminated.

Complying with this INVALID order and the violation of MY Bargaining, Constitutional and Civil Rights has furthermore caused me severe anxiety while challenging both my religious and moral beliefs.

I am in fact complying with this because I am being forced to do so under complete duress and threats of termination.

Make sure to have the supervisor, giving the direct order, sign the to/from. Keep a copy for yourself and send one to the Lodge.

President John C. Catanzara Jr.

Fraternal Order of Police

Chicago Lodge #7


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