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FOP Offices Closed Until Further Notice

Originally Posted on October 19, 2020

FOP Offices will be closed until further notice.

Due to Covid-19 related issues, the FOP offices will be closed until further notice. The phone lines will still be operational for EMERGENCY purposes only(ie, OIS, or accidents with serious injuries). If you need help with non-emergency issues, you can always reach your Field Reps at the email addresses below. If you need legal representation for a COPA or BIA statement, please email either Michael Mette or Fernando Flores. Please be advised the Lodge is taking every precaution necessary to ensure our staff and members are protected. Check back here for further updates. As always, stay safe and God bless!

President John Catanzara, Jr. - john.catanzarajr@chicagofop.org
1st Vice President Michael Mette - michael.mette@chicagfop.org
2nd Vice President Dan Gorman - dgorman@chicagofop.org
3rd Vice President Fernando Flores - f.flores@chicagofop.org
Recording Sec Rob Noceda - rnoceda@chicagofop.org
Treasurer Dennis McGuire - dmcguire@chicagofop.org
Financial Sec Jim Jakstavich - jjakstavich@chicagofop.org
Field Rep Andrew Cantore - acantore@chicagofop.org


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