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Help Support Officer Yanez During His Recovery

Please consider donating today to support Officer Yanez's road to recovery.

We are all still in disbelief of the incident that occurred on Saturday, August 7th, 2021, and what Chicago Police Officer Carlos Yanez, Jr., P.O. Joshua Blas, and his late partner P.O. Ella French endured. The physical harm done in addition to the psychological trauma everyone is experiencing should never have happened.

During this incident, Carlos suffered from multiple gunshot wounds to the eye, brain, and shoulder all causing potentially lifelong disability. In turn, we suspect home modifications, accommodations, and transportation needs to increase accessibility and quality of life. He had so much of his face and eye socket fractured during this incident, but thankfully that has been surgically repaired. We remain hopeful for a miraculous recovery but have to prepare for what’s to come. We will always pray for the stability of the blood vessels of his brain. Most importantly, we remain with our hearts full of gratitude that he is in fact alive.

Officer Carlos Yanez, Jr goes by many names. Carlos, Chuck, Junior, Nino, Yanez, Chico, Cheekaladinos. Anyone that knows Carlos, will say what an amazing human being he is. He is just so genuine. We all know him as a strong, hard-working and good-hearted soul. He was ALWAYS on the GO and ALWAYS willing to help family, friends and strangers alike. Carlos is a loving husband to Brenda and adoring Father to his almost 3 year old son CJ. As an officer he cared deeply for the district he served. He loved to do physical work, exercise, play with his son on his time off and he loved to dance. Once he hit the dance floor the party officially started. To see him with paralysis of 3 limbs and loss of an eye is unnatural and heart-breaking. We are hoping with extensive therapy, hard work, and prayers he will see a successful recovery to get back to what he loves.

For many years Carlos always talked about how he wanted to live in Englewood. He always spoke of the children. Their innocence and how he wished he could bring some of them home. He said they deserved an environment free from so much gun violence, physical/sexual abuse, and neglect. He witnessed things he could never understand. But it never hardened him. He continued to take pride in getting guns off the streets and treating everyone he interacted with respect. He felt in his heart he was reducing gun violence and that is why he weathered the challenges of being a Chicago Police Officer in such a challenging district.

This is such a huge blow to our entire family but to no one more than his wife, Brenda and his son, CJ. Carlos and Brenda are an amazing team and both carry very heavy loads for their family. CJ was born with Craniosynostosis. He has had multiple cranial surgeries and needs ongoing therapies. During Carlos’ time of recovery so much more will be on Brenda’s shoulders financially, physically, and emotionally. We created this GoFundMe page because we want to support Officer Carlos’ family from all angles. Many have reached out asking how they can lighten the load and the support has been overwhelmingly heartfelt and appreciated. Which is why we are setting up official modalities for donations.

Our hearts continue to be with Officer French’s and Officer Blas’ family and everyone impacted during these difficult times. We thank the dispatcher, Keith J. Thornton for his heroic and calm response and EVERYONE who assisted with the events that occurred that night.

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This GoFundMe account is organized by Nicole Yanez (Sister) and Evelyn Gamboa (Sister-in-Law).


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