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IROCC Update

Originally Posted on May 02, 2020

We received the following information on IROCC and believed it be useful to our Retiree members.

“Hello Retirees, IROCC will commence on May 11th. There will be several changes to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. IROCC has been in touch with Article II and they also have had to limit the amount of people in their facility. No information yet as to dates for CPD facilities.

Go to Irocc.org and view the qualification sites, dates, and times or try and call the IROCC office.
(217) 726-9537

Lastly, please be patient. Bring your own eyes and ears and the correct Ammo. NO eyes and ears will be provided by IROCC. When you are notified as to what time you are to step up to qualify, be prompt. NO early shooters will be taken! Please do not put the IROCC employees in a position to have to tell you to come back at your assigned time. Hopefully we will get back to normal soon.”


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