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Kill The Bill!!!!! HB163-SA2

Originally Posted on January 09, 2021

PUSH BACK!!!!!! We are asking all members to fill out an opposition slip IMMEDIATELY and have your friends and family join the fight also. This is an attack on not just law enforcement but also labor unions as a whole. Today it is us. If this passes, tomorrow if will be other unions.

Go to this link:

  • Click “Create Witness Slip.”
  • Fill out your personal info in Section I.
  • Type self in Section II.
  • In Section III, select HB163 – SA2 from the pull down tab and then click “Opponent.”
  • In Section IV, click “Record of Appearance Only.”
  • Click “I Agree ILGA Terms of Agreement” in the bottom left corner.
  • Lastly, in the bottom right corner click “Create(Slip).”

It registers your objections to HB 163 and is urgently needed!!


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