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LERMI 2024 Scholarship Application

The LSLE is a Scholarship (High School and/or college) program that provides scholarships to current high school seniors or college students who have a parent presently serving in law enforcement, who are retired law enforcement, law enforcement who have fallen or civilian employees. To be considered for the LSLE Scholarship, candidates must complete the application and submit necessary documents. The full scholarship amount of $1,500.00 shall be paid directly to the institution and will be applied towards current applicant’s fees.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements: To be considered for a LSLE scholarship, you must have a parent who is currently serving in law enforcement (sworn or civilian), retired from a law enforcement agency, a fallen officer or a law enforcement official who has passed away and also meet the following criteria:

• Be a high school senior or recent graduate who is pursuing post-secondary education in criminal justice or related field

• Student currently enrolled and accepted at a college and/or university

• Student with a parent presently serving in law enforcement (sworn or civilian)

• Student with a parent who retired from law enforcement

• Student with a parent in law enforcement who lost their life in the line of duty

• Student with a parent in law enforcement who has passed away

There are no restrictions based upon sex, race, creed or nationality of the applicant.

How To Apply

1. Fill out application completely. Obtain a form from the LSLE Scholarship Committee or go to its web site www.LERMI.org

2. Proof of admissions /registration to the class

3. Submit ONLY two letters of recommendation provided by people not related to you, on letterhead and with original signature.

4. 1-2 page essay; essay should include;
a) Description of your ambition and goals in the criminal justice field
b) Reason for choosing a career in the criminal justice field
c) Long term goals and how the LSLE scholarship will help

Mail the completed application postmarked no later than April 1, 2024. The LSLE Scholarship Committee will be announcing the winner May 1, 2024.

Please submit this completed application and all supporting materials:
BY MAIL: LSLE Scholarship Committee
c/o West Dundee Police Department 555 S. 8th Street West Dundee, IL 60118
BY EMAIL: LERMIscholarships@gmail.com

Please Note: It is the applicant’s responsibility that all documents are sent to the LERMI Scholarship Committee as required and in a timely manner. Incomplete applications packets or packets received after the deadline will not be notified about missing documents.

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