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Lodge Response To The CTU Rally Anti-Police Rhetoric

Originally Posted on April 05, 2016

In lockstep with our Membership, the Board of Directors shares everyone's disgust and outrage concerning the vile anti-police comments that were made at the CTU event this past Friday.

Late Monday, we had our first opportunity to actually speak with the CTU leadership. We communicated our amazement on how days have passed and still these vulgar comments have gone unchallenged. We continue to wonder why a single utterance of condemnation has not come from the CTU as of yet.

We were guaranteed that the person who spoke out against the Police made those statements on her own and that they were unacceptable to the CTU leadership. Even though we were informed that the CTU was more or less blindsided by those remarks; we collectively and anxiously continue to wait for any response.

Our Membership, our families, dozens of CPS employees who took the time to call the Lodge to voice their own outrage, parents of CPS students who did the same, countless numbers of concerned citizens...along with the law enforcement community at large are eager to hear CTU's official reply.

As soon as any communication is received by the Lodge, it will immediately be shared.

...Be Safe and God Bless the Police

Dean C. Angelo Sr., President
Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7


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