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Mondelez Petition Update (Nabisco)

Originally Posted on March 08, 2016

After signing the petition to keep 600 Chicago jobs from leaving to Mexico, President Angelo received the following (and somewhat disturbing) message from the National Director of the AFL-CIO.


Since we launched our petition calling on Mondelēz International—the parent company of Nabisco—to back away from its plans to ship 600 jobs from its Chicago plant to Mexico, more than 20,000 people have signed it. That’s huge, but that’s only the beginning of how we can support working people at the Chicago plant.

Right now, these workers are in contract negotiations with executives from Mondelēz, but the company is still not backing down from its plans to outsource jobs to Mexico unless workers agree to major cuts in their benefits.

Call now, or dial 1-844-551-6921, to support working people at Mondelēz and demand the company save good jobs at the Chicago plant.

As consumers, we have a lot of power to leverage to help these working people. If you’ve ever bought Oreo or Chips Ahoy cookies or chewed Dentyne or Trident gum, then you’ve had something that Mondelēz produces and sells.

We can make Mondelēz CEO Irene Rosenfeld feel the heat on this. And she should because, while the company has asked workers to take pay and benefits cuts, she’s made out like a bandit, getting a $5 million raise and bringing her total annual executive compensation to $21 million a year in 2014. That’s 597 times what the average working person makes in a year.

That’s disgusting. If enough of us flood Mondelēz offices with calls urging executives to do the right thing, we have a real chance to stop the company from killing the jobs of people who work at the Chicago plant.

We can put pressure on Mondelēz to do the right thing, but we need to take action and call the company right now.

In Solidarity,

Elizabeth Bunn
Director of Organizing, AFL-CIO"


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