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Negotiations Update From The President

Originally Posted on November 20, 2020

in keeping with our promise of real time updates.....

We met with the city today for over 2 and half hours. There was a lot of talking in circles over the simplest of topics.

They were asked to commit to the 11.50% offer as being possible or not. There was no longer a reason to discuss discipline topics without that assurance. We have been negotiating in good faith.. The city has not been.. They did not provide that assurance and we notified them of their deadline to do so. The city has till 3pm Tuesday November 24th to assure us that 11.5% number is attainable. If they do not, the offer is off the table,and we revert back to our 17% counter and all discipline talks to this point are erased. We then move on to other subjects.

Also Judge Dow has responded to our filing on training during COVID. Essentially he said he was aware of issues for some time now. He further stated that there must be compliance with the CDC, State and City guidelines in regards to COVID. The City, Department, Monitor and Lodge should figure out what a path forward looks like. If that is not doable, he will issues orders from the bench.

There will be a sit down with the Department, Lodge and the Monitor either tomorrow or Monday most likely.

More info as we have it.


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