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Originally Posted on June 07, 2017

Hello Brothers and Sisters!

We’re excited to announce the FOP Free College Benefit is offering additional new programs from Eastern Gateway Community College!

Members of the FOP and their spouses, their children and their grandchildren can earn a community college education online, simply as a benefit of membership in the Fraternal Order of Police. There is no cost, and no need to dig out of your own pocket to enroll online in Eastern Gateway Community College, a public, non-profit college in Ohio.

Learn more and apply at www.FOPFreeCollege.org or call 888-590-9009. This Free College benefit is for you AND your family!

Enrollment is open for Summer and Fall classes. Register early to ensure you are ready to begin classes!

Programs offered include:
Criminal Justice Degree Peace Officer Training graduates earn 33 credits toward this degree—you can graduate in as little a year!

*NEW* Accounting Degree
*NEW* Human Resources Concentration/ Business Management Degree
*NEW* Health Care Management Concentration/ Business Management Degree
*NEW* Marketing Concentration/Business Management Degree
Finance Concentration/ Business Management Degree
Business Management Certificate
Accounting Concentration/ Business Management Certificate
Patient Health Navigator Certificate
Paralegal Degree
Associate of Arts Degree
Early Childhood Education Degree

Business Management Degree

For more details visit www.FOPFreeCollege.org. Please also share this with your FOP Brothers and Sisters and with your law enforcement contacts to help spread the word about this great new benefit of membership.

Chuck Canterbury
President, National Fraternal Order of Police

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