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Pending Negotiations Terms

So these are the terms of the agreement between the FOP and the CITY'S NEGOTIATIONS TEAM!

It is not a "deal" until the Mayor gives the green light.

JULY 1. 2017. 1%

JAN 2018. 2.25

JAN 2019. 2.25

JAN 2020. 2.50

JAN 2021. 2.50

JAN 2022. 2.50

JAN 2023. 2.50

JAN 2024. 2.50

JAN 2025. 2.00

50% of the Healthcare increase that sgt and fire agreed to. The second half of the increase is postponed till Jan 2024. If we show a cost savings

with our health screenings then the second increase is postponed.

Duty availability increase to 950 a quarter

Uniform allowance increase to 1950 year

Duty availability at 18 MONTHS going forward instead of 42 months . Also retroactive to July 1 of 2017.

Retiree Healthcare increase is postponed till July 1st 2022 to allow members to retire under the current 2% at 55 and 0% for 60 and over.

This is phase 1 . There will be another phase to clean up what's left starting immediately upon ratification of this agreement show it go that route.

The ball is in the Mayors court now.....

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