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Originally Posted on January 08, 2021

Lodge 7 members,

As your President, I showed a lapse in good judgement yesterday during an interview. For that I am sorry. I brought negative attention to our Lodge, the FOP family and law enforcement in general.

I was in no way condoning the violence in DC yesterday. My statements were poorly worded. I certainly would never justify any attacks on citizens, democracy or law enforcement. After seeing more video and the full aftermath, my comments would have been different.

I ask that you consider the totality of my comments yesterday. What is almost totally overlooked was the fact I said the President needs to accept responsibility for yesterday's events and that he should formally concede the race to put everything to bed once and for all.

Lastly, I commit to doing better each day. I will never be too big to admit when I am wrong. Today is one of those days. Stay safe and healthy.

John J. Catanzara Jr.


FOP Lodge 7 Chicago


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