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Retiree Healthcare Update

Originally Posted on April 07, 2016

Here's where we are in regards to Retiree healthcare at the moment:

Our appeal seeking an audit and reconciliation of the last six months of 2013:
*Fully briefed, awaiting argument.

Our appeal seeking preliminary injunction against the City's 2016 increases:
*Our brief is in. The City's brief was due April 1, the City has asked for another two weeks. We have not agreed, and will oppose any further extensions.

Our Third Amended Complaint was filed in January:
*Despite our requests for the court to make its decision an appealable order, Judge Cohen has us all briefing on the City and Funds' motions to dismiss the Third amended complaint. Our brief will be filed by; the City and Funds have until May to reply, with a decision expected soon after that.

We are also filing a motion for the Supreme Court to take all of these cases directly. This is rare but possible, and would bring all of this to a head as soon as possible.


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