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Originally Posted on January 28, 2016

A recent change of schedule for Saturation and Gang Units moving to a 10-hour day was delayed due to the Department's inability to follow the proper processes as outlined within the Contract, a previous Memorandum of Understanding and previously agreed to language that pertained to guarantees outlined within the 005th District 10-hour Pilot Program.

Although this delay is disappointing to all of the officers affected in Saturation and Gangs, it will allow the Union to address all of the officers that were subjected to an arbitrary and a broken promise that was made to everyone in the 005 District, a promise which actually had language spelling out the process that was supposed to be followed.

If the Department can enter into an agreement to treat the officers in one patrol district and then completely disregard that agreement (as they did with the 005th District) and nothing is addressed; it further encourages them to repeat that practice and offers no opportunity to guarantee that the Department won't continue this type of activity when they enter into a similar agreement with a specialized unit, which by the way presently has no written policy to identify any protection with the new schedule.

By allowing the Department to enter into an agreement without ensuring that collective bargaining protections are followed is a very dangerous practice and one that should never be ignored. Doing so not only puts the Saturation and Gang Units at risk, it increases future risks for the entire Membership. It is our hope to continue to meet and communicate with the Department until we can ensure all of the Members are protected and that the Department is held to their word.

If we don't secure guarantees, there is nothing that stops the Department from assigning you to work 2200-0800 by summer. They would respond that "you wanted 10 hours and your Union never said anything". Once they start the changes, it is too late for us to implement protections. Everyone involved in this situation needs to ask themselves one thing...When was the last time the Department had your best interests at heart? The Lodge Is making every attempt to ensure you don't wind up on the wrong end of this process.

Dean C. Angelo Sr., President

Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7


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