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Tentative DOJ Schedule And Information 3/14/16

Originally Posted on March 14, 2016

An update from the Department of Management and Labor Affairs to the FOP on DOJ District Visits.

The tentative schedule is as follows: Monday, 14 March, there will be 4 DOJ representatives going to District 022 at 0900. Tuesday, 15 March, there will be 5 going to District 006 at 0900, and Wednesday, 16 March, there will be 5 going to District 018. (The following week DOJ will be visiting Districts 001, 002, 004 and 005, details to follow)

Attorneys from the City's outside counsel, Taft Law Offices, will arrive about 0830 to introduce themselves to the District Commander and will be present to act as a resource to the Department and to facilitate the DOJ effort. We anticipate that the DOJ representatives will all be attorneys, not their subject matter experts (e.g., out-of-town police chief, etc). They will meet with the Commander or Executive Officer first and then be provided a tour of the facility, including the lock-up where present. They are permitted to talk with any member of the Department, unless a member refuses. The City / Taft attorneys will be available should a Department member wish them present during any conversation. If a member wishes to talk with the DOJ representatives privately and confidentially, without a City representative present, that is to be allowed. A future interview may be set up by the member, as well.

The DOJ representatives will conduct ride-alongs from the early 3rd watch roll call, according to the Department officers cannot refuse a ride-along. They will choose which officers / cars with whom they will ride. They will ride 2-people per car, so as to lessen the impact on field operations. If they request, they will be allowed to ride-along with 1st watch also. They will be provided ride-along waivers to the Districts for the DOJ representatives. Standard ride-along protocols will then apply, including obtaining a bullet-resistant vest from CPIC.


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