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The Release Of Videos

Originally Posted on June 03, 2016

Today at 1100 hours, Representatives from the FOP, PBPA and SEIU met with members from the Department, the City and IPRA concerning the release of videos by tomorrow at 0900 hours. The Lodge addressed our displeasure at being given less than a 24-hour notice that something this important to our members was going to be done with such minimal notice and input. To say this meeting turned contentious would be an understatement. The following is information from today’s meeting and is in no way an endorsement of the irresponsible actions by the Department, the City and IPRA.

Today the Department announced that they are going to send the affected members an email, followed by a letter, of the incidents that the Officers were involved of the video being posted. There are 100 Log Numbers being posted from POD cams or dash cams that have zero relevance and merely show tree tops or blue flashing lights. There are 6 videos of incidents of 5 officer involved shootings dating back to 2012. The most recent happened in 2015. IPRA’s website will also be posting case reports, arrest reports, TRRs, OBRs, 911 calls and OEMC transmissions. Reports will be redacted and will not reveal who is being investigated. Reports will list the arrestees’ names and addresses as well as names of arresting officers. Reportedly, these cases are being released because of a FOIA request and a court order demanding the City to release this information.

We sternly addressed our concerns about our members’ privacy, the length of the IPRA investigations, potential of violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the possibility of an Unfair Labor Practice. The Lodge had absolutely no input in this process. We were notified less than 24-hours of the press release. It is our hope that the Department, the City and IPRA consider our advice and add audio as well as an explanation of what the video shows.

It is sad when, with all the talk about transparency and communication, they decide to operate in this manner.

We will keep you updated on any developments in this case.

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