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Time Off Clarification

Originally Posted on December 07, 2020

There seems to be some confusion on the time off initiative. Some confusion is harmless but some is intentionally designed to create dissention. These are the simple facts. We DID NOT give the department the unity in command in exchange for the initiative. The ONLY thing we gave them was the ability to change the total day off groups from 6 to 3. There is much talk about an Unfair Labor Practice ruling in favor of the Lodge. The singular issue was about the number of day off groups and the city’s need to negotiate that topic. It only affected the 006 district where Unity in Command was in place but it did not have anything to do with the program itself. If anyone is saying otherwise, they are misinformed or worse, lying. We had no control on the Unity in Command or Span and Control. Those are parts of the Consent Decree and they are coming whether we like it or not.


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